Andorra 5th to 9th July 2017


Well I am thrillled (and scared) at the fact I’ve won an adventure fam trip to Andorra courtesy of the Andorra Tourist Board.

I am really excited that we will be experiencing the amazing Vallenord Bike park as a part of the trip (assuming I make it that far) – 2 days of long treking preceed this part of the trip and I’m not exactly fit, so very worried about letting the rest of the group down.

Assuming I do make it, we will be staying in the newly refurbished Refuge Illa for a night at an altitude of 2448m. The dark sky zone should provide some spectacular photos too. 

In addition we may go doing a spot of Canyoning (I misread that as Canoeing when entering) and was shocked to discover it’s basically throwing yourself into a fast flowing stream or steep drop and letting the rapids/gravity take you wherever! And Via Ferreta which I thought was a place but turns out to be extreme rock climbing with pre-defined hand holds. 

The pace slows down after all of this as we experience Cirque du Soleil’s brand new show, Stelar. 

Hopefully there will be time to relax and rejuvenate the aching bones at the Caldea Thermal Spa too. 

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