Out with the old, in with the older?


I confess, I’m useless.
When I get an idea in my head, I have to give it a go. After returning from a 35 mile ride, my backside was hurting.

After some deft googling of terms like “best saddle”, “most comfortable saddle for a fat bloke”, “long distance saddle hybrid bike” etc. Brooks were the name that cropped up time and time again.

As it turns out, my current saddle appears to have been at completely the wrong height, a quick look on YouTube revealed that after some friendly advice from a Facebook group member. Rather than just adjusting my saddle, I bought not one but 2 alternatives. This fine and pristine example of a Brooks Champion Flyer is hopefully going to be my new daily saddle and a Gel Trek saddle, which is the one that my bike would have originally been supplied with (which in fairness was less than £10)
I’m going to get myself a bike fit from Dave at The Shed and see how it goes from there.

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