“She’s Electric”


She’s got as family full of eccentrics.. as Oasis once famously sang.

We set off on our ebikes, “Katie Kensington” and “Tommy Trek” (don’t ask!) for a little meander through the country lanes near home. After discovering it was a lot easier to pedal my bike with the seat heightened, I did the same to Joanne’s bike. She complained a little that she couldn’t touch the floor but I figured it would be OK.

About 4 miles into our travels, I spotted quite a few deer in the woods, I mentioned this so pulled up for a closer look. I heard some commotion behind me, glanced around to see poor Joanne lying in the verge, with her bike on top of her! Guess that seat was a bit high then. Alas I was forbidden to take any pictures. Thankfully it was a very soft landing for bike and rider. Other than a bruised ego, no harm was done.

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