Speed & badly fitted panniers aren’t a good match.


I’ve just been for a wee 12 miler up the road, This was my test ride to check how badly aligned my attempt to fit the new Brooks saddle was (which as it happens wasn’t horrendous, 1 click too far forward but on the whole a decent job for a saddle virgin! It is so much more comfortable than it looks, and highly recommended!)

I decided, instead of the steady descent back home, I would opt for the big descent. I forgot I was half way through removing my panniers when I set off and as a result, they were only held on with 1 bit of Velcro…it was too late. No idea how they stayed on but to whoever invented the hook and pad of Velcro, I owe you a posthumous pint! They flapped around and made some ripping noises but I was doing 35mph by then so could only glance momentarily at the 2 huge pannier ears that my Trek had developed. When I levelled off, momentum was on my side and the fact that they were still attached gave me the confidence to continue! 

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