Taking my Riding to new heights!


If there’s one thing you need to check it’s your saddle height.

As per my previous post, I fitted a new (old) Brooks Champion Flyer today. After I got it feeling comfortable, I added another 2 -3 inches to my seat height. What an amazing difference!

I ended up doing my regular 8 mile circular route just to see of my initial feelings were indeed correct; They were! Sadly I didn’t have
either my watch or my phone with me so it wasn’t recorded on Strava but I do have a speedo readout on my Bionx G2 console. As I say, It was a familiar route so I know what I normally average and I estimate that I was at least 3 mph quicker with no more effort. Even though it is an eBike, this is a flat to downhill section and I was hovering around the 19mph mark. The electronic assist wasn’t switched on at all so the bike was just that, a regular bike. Even if it had been, it cuts off at 15.5mph.

I’m still going to get a proper bike fit as have no idea if the combnation of stem, height and reach are right, wrong or indifferent

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