Was it a Smart move?


I’ve had the Smart bike for just over 2 weeks now but have been away for one of them so haven’t had too much time to ride it. These are the good and bad points to it so far. 

Good Points

  • Carbon Belt Drive is almost maintainence free
  • Gears are smooth
  • Wide Tires are great for cycle paths
  • Integrated Lights are bright
  • Disc brakes are exceptional
  • Range is amazing (Easily covers the 40km round trip commute on full assist on a single charge.)

Bad Points

  • Limited top speed due to only 3 gears
  • Not the most comfortable of rides – I may stick a different saddle on and see if it helps.  
  • Console has a tendency to reset if you hit a hard bump (could just be this bike)
  • Difficult to fit accessories to – still can’t get an aftermarket pannier rack and the Smart one is £140!

One thing that is very interesting is that my Trek FX+ Ride+ ebike, that shares the same Bionx G2 Console is interchangeable – this wouldn’t be anything of note BUT the Trek has a 35 km/h Speed Limit whereas the Smart is limited to 22.5km/h. If I use the Trek’s console on the Smart, it continues to attempt to assist me to 35km/h so the motor isn’t restricted like other bikes, just the controller. This also means that anyone can adjust the speed using the freely available console codes. 

I’m still torn as to which bike to keep, currently the Trek is faster, infinitely more comfortable and more practical due to the panniers and water bottle holders but has about half the range of the Smart. The Smart will certainly be more practical in winter, which isn’t that far away.   

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